JEMINI is a smart web based solution developed by Stratford Consulting to manage mobile phone dealerships. The unique thing about JEMINI is that is can help manage dealerships of all types and sizes. JEMINI works for call centers, retail outlets, web based dealers and face to face sales for both new connections and upgrades, consumer or b2b. Stratford Consulting developed this piece of software so that it can be customised for each individual business. 

JEMINI gives instant access to the information needed whilst saving time by streamlining the connection process

JEMINI is integrated with many different systems to prevent entering of the same data more than once

JEMINI not only helps to get deals connected quicker but also reconciles all payments via its smart importer that works with any distributor / network format. It even makes paying staff easy with instant GP reporting on hand. 

See JEMINI at work here