It's all going viral! But why? Here's a few scientific facts to explain:

  • A recent study by Forrester Research Group showed that by adding a video to your website increases the conversion between browsing customer to paying customer by six times! 
  • A website which contains a video is 50 times more likely to be rankend on the first page of Google
  • 52% of all web traffic comes from online videos
  • More than 70% of all web surfers watch online video
  • Video has a 300% higher renetion rate than pictures and text
With all this in mind it appears that video is an incredibly powerful tool for marketing and promotion. By creating animated presentations and videos for your website you to can boost sales and interest in your business dramatically. Video is also becoming very important in building brand and identity of a business, creating greater credibility of an organisation and engaging customers quickly and effectively. Video marketing works in terms of search engine ranking this is because search engines such as Google and Yahoo visit different video sites every few minutes so unlike regular web pages a new video could appear in Google in minutes not weeks. Also, becuase videos and animated presentations are so popular with online audiences they generally appear first on search engines before other content.