Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, is the science behind getting your site to the top of popular search engines such as Google. Each search typed into Google delivers millions of returns, how do you get your business to appear on the first page? It all comes down to great website design, content and playing by the rules. This takes work and an understanding of how search engines work, this is where SEO specialists can help. WEBJEM can help with all things SEO, from enhanced website design to tricks of the trade. Contact WEBJEM web design and development to imporve your SEO now. 

Here are some clever clues recommended by the SEO team WEBJEM to improve your Google ranking:
  • Ensure your content is carefully considered and includes your chosen keywords. By ensuring you have a good content management system (CMS), you can update your website easily. 
  • Good website navigation. This should be clear and descriptive. 
  • Optimise each and every page of your website.
  • Headers should include the target keywords of that page

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